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INFINITY Start 8 Blast Chiller & Freezer

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Touch Screen Controls

Main Dishes, Pastry or Bakery? Infinity Evolution allows you to choose from hundreds of programs that best suits your work. One software program, for endless combinations of operations. You can trust Afinox experience by selecting the automatic cycle for specific products, or personalize the work phases by setting up the manual cycles. The combined cycle allows to set a complete work process, from the freezing for conservation to the regeneration for service, in a few and easy steps.

Construction Features

S/S AISI304 Blast chillers on castors or feet, with integrated or remote condensing unit, for GN1/1 or EN400x600 (Mod.-P only EN400x600) shelves. Touch control system 9”. Available cycles (automatic and manual customizable):
• Blast Chilling
• Shock freezing
• Thawing
• Slow cooking (only All-In-One version)
• Proving (only All-In-One-version)
• Comby cycles
• Multilevel function, defrosting function
• SD CARD with tutorial videos and USB door
for HACCP data download, multipoint core
probe (4 reading points)

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