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Cinelli Industrial Series Sheeter

Cinelli Industrial Series Sheeter

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Industrial Series, with strengthened frame and structure made of AISI 304 stainless steel and aluminium, has been designed for industrial needs.

All Models offer user friendly Touch Screens with "Easy" Programming feature whereby the computer almost completely programs itself with your directives. It is capable of storing 50 programs and also linking several laminating cycles in sequence. The sequential programming allows for starts, stops, increase or decrease of roller gaps to meet specific needs without manual operations required. The automatic Flour Sifter and stress free Dough Roll Up device further increase efficiency. Both reliable and effective, these units can assist medium to industrial scale production requirements with ease.

  • Heavy Duty Frame and Structure
  • 8" Colour Touch Screen
  • Easy Programming Feature or step by step user input.
  • Variable Belt Speed between 20-120cm/sec. or 7.75" to 47.25" per sec.
  • 50 Program Capacities
  • Automatic or Manual use functions
  • Automatic Dough Roll Up Device
  • Automatic Adjustable Flour Sifter


  • Dough Width Control
  • Cutting Station, Both Rotary or Guillotine

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